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September 10-11, 2016

Announcing DaveCon 2016
by Lansing Board Gamers!

This is the 10th DaveCon and we're going for an attendance record! Read about the 200 for 200 contest.

Register Now!

   Back for 2016: Protospiel Corner

Last year, DaveCon 2015 had over 150 attendees!

Where: Okemos Comfort Inn Conference Center, 2187 University Park Drive Okemos, MI 48864 From: I-96 exit 110, go North on Okemos Road, then after 1/4 mile, turn right on University Commerce Park - conference center and hotel is on your right. If you want to spend the night, there is a block of rooms available for $94 - just mention DaveCon (or that you're at a conference this weekend). Comfort Inn Phone number: (517) 347-6690. Note: There are two hotels there but our block is with the Comfort Inn ($94/night) which is attached to the conference center (you can't get any closer). I highly recommend staying onsite. The hotels are a great bargain - very clean and a friendly staff.

What: Open board gaming, events and tournaments (Gaming at DaveCon explained). Please bring a copy of games you intend to sign up for. (Rio Grande, Mayfair, Avalon Hill, Fantasy Flight, Z-man, Steve Jackson, Railroad, etc.), and Texas Hold-em (no gambling). Board gaming events and tournaments are set.. Please bring your favorite games for yourself and for our game library! Also, back again for 2016 - official play testing. Would you like your feedback to help shape the next big game? As a play tester, you not only get a preview of new games, but also get to provide feedback in the clever art of game design.

Used Game Sales: We are bringing back the opportunity to sell your used games at DaveCon! You will register your games at the Summit Comics & Games booth, our exclusive board gaming vendor, by paying a $0.50 placement fee for each game. If your game sells, you will pay a 10% commission of the price to Summit Comics & Games. This is the only way to sell used games at DaveCon - but also simplifies things and frees you up to play games while our official vendor takes care of the transaction.

When: Saturday, September 10th (9AM to Midnight) and
Sunday, September 11th (10AM to 6PM)
***If you pre-register, you can also game on Friday starting at 7PM***

Who: Everyone with a good attitude is invited to register.

How: Register Online! or volunteer (contact me to volunteer)

Prizes: Tons of prizes. We will have gift certificates from Summit Comics & Games and they have a nice selection of board games and other gamer gear. Also, we get big donations from Metro Detroit Gamers for some great board games.

Friendliest Gamer competition: We had a good run with Iron Man, but it has run its course. We are brining back the Friendliest gamer all-weekend competition. There will be game sheets to track games played with different players. All games and human players count: events, protospiel games, tournaments and open gaming. The person who plays games with the most unique number of players will win a big gift certificate. Prize will be awarded Sunday, about 5PM. For the sake of history, the past winners of Iron [Wo]Man were: Julie Hunt (2007), Alan Ray (2008), Carl Bussema & Lori Scheiss (2009), Carl Bussema (2010), Alan Ray (2011), Jason Showalter (2012), Stephanie Beal (2013), Brian Beal (2014). Your names are engraved in virtual iron. Our inaugural Friendliest Gamer (2015) was Skyler Hamlin!

Food Policy: Pizza and soft drinks will be offered for sale. I guess you could bring back other food for yourself (but not pizza) but that would be totally inconvenient. I guess you can bring in soft drinks but you know you'd rather buy them from DaveCon. Somehow they'll just taste better and fresher!

Registration is open!

Entire weekend:

(Pre-registration/Internet pricing)

To pay by credit card, click the Pay Now button with the credit logos. If you want to circumvent bank fees for me (send less money to bankers), send the money using PayPal direct to and source it from a bank account. I'll take your e-mail as your registration (but you can e-mail me your name in addition to make sure).

Individual: $28   Sorry, online registration is closed, please pay at the door
Couple: $44   Sorry, online registration is closed, please pay at the door
Family: $56   Sorry, online registration is closed, please pay at the door

Single Day Pricing:

(Pre-registration/Internet pricing)

Individual: $23   Sorry, online registration is closed, please pay at the door
Couple: $34   Sorry, online registration is closed, please pay at the door
Family: $46   Sorry, online registration is closed, please pay at the door

Paying at the door is an additional $3. Register now and you'll save $3 over door prices. The prices shown here *include* the door adder.

When you pre-register, you also get bonus open gaming Friday night, starting at 7:00PM FOR FREE



7:00PM: Dungeon Crawl Classics(Ages 15+) (4-5 Players) (Clay Willams) (ROLE PLAYING GAME)

Elzemon and the Blood-drinking Box

(Lvl 1 Adventure - New players welcome)

Your party seeks the favor of a powerful wizard. To do this, they agree to steal an artifact from a rival wizard's sanctum. However, the artifact needs to "feed" in order to keep its contents contained. Can you survive this gamble, come out richer, and keep your sanity?

Saturday & Sunday:

* Remember: Open gaming all the time!

Note that our open game library usually has over 150 games.

This list will be filling up soon - let me know if you want to run some game(s) Events pending day & time assignment:


9:30AM: The Voyages of Marco Polo (Robert R.)

9:30AM: Among the Stars (Carl)

10:00AM: Dead of Winter (Darkness)

10:00AM Sushi Go! (Chuck W. - 2 games)

10:00AM Dungeon World (3-6 players, age 12+ or accompanied by an adult) presented by Island City RolePlayers Guild (Nathan) (ROLE PLAYING GAME)

A modern take on the classic fantasy game. play a mighty fighter, powerful wizard, or righteous cleric and battle monsters for glory and loot. Dungeon World is a simple game system that rewards imagination and enthusiasm over memorizing lists of spells and special abilities. No prior knowledge or experience required and players of all ages are welcome, although children under 12 must be accompanied by a parent or other adult.

10:30AM Kanban (Ed Kabara)

11:00AM: Kingdom Builder (Sebastian)

11:00AM: Codenames (Bella)

11:00AM Sushi Go! (Chuck W. - 2 games)

12:00PM/Noon: World's Fair 1893 (Arthur)

12:00PM/Noon: Orleans (Robert R.)

12:00PM/Noon: The Networks (Bob Fix)

1:00PM: Puerto Rico (Paul Harding)

1:00PM: Spyfall (Bella)

1:00PM: Netrunner (Sebastian)

1:00PM Sushi Go Party! 2-8 players (Chuck W.)

1:30PM Legends of Andor (Ed Kabara)

1:30PM Protospiel Corner (see below / Todd Robinson)

2:00PM: Firefly (Darkness Remembered - Aaron/Melissa)

2:00PM: Dungeon Crawl Classics (Mike Carlson) (ROLE PLAYING GAME)

2:00PM: Mutant Crawl Classics(All Ages) (6+ Players) (Laura Williams) (ROLE PLAYING GAME)

The Museum at the End of Time

(Lvl 0 Adventure - New players welcome)

Unknown treasures await you traveler, whether you be Hunter, Gatherer, Mutant, or, um, Plantient? Glory goes to those who find the rarest artifact...and survive. In this adventure, the Tribe of the Cog's rite of passage sends young adventurers out into the Glow Desert, where they discover and explore a well-preserved museum of the Ancient Ones.

2:00PM: Loopin' Chewie, Age 13+ (Kids can play Sunday) (Rob McFadden)

Event runner supplying a special prize.

2:00PM: Terra Mystica (Jason)

2:00PM: Carcassonne (Jon Wallace)

3:00PM Encounters: ShadowRun (Chuck W.)

3:00PM: Steam Works (Eric)

3:00PM: Vienna (Bob Fix)

3:00PM: Castles of Burgundy (Neil)

4:00PM: King of Tokyo (Sebastian)

5:00PM: Space Cadets: Away Missions (Ed Kabara)

5:00PM: Iron Dragon (Darkness)

5:00PM Food Truck Destruction Derby (Rob Mc.) (GMless Role Playing Game)

A story based, GMless roleplaying game about, well, a food truck destruction derby. It's a funny, light game.

6:00PM: Ascension: Deckbuilding Game (Jon Wallace)

A hybrid of Chronicle of the Godslayer, Storm of Souls, Realms Unraveled, Dawn of Champions

6:00PM: Time's Up:Title Recall with NEW cards (Bella)

6:30PM: Pillars of the Earth (Carl)

6:30PM: Savage Rifts (3-6 players, age 16+) presented by Island City RolePlayers Guild (Nathan) (ROLE PLAYING GAME)

The world is in shambles, not only was there a devastating nuclear war several hundred years ago that almost wiped out the human race, but that war led to the shattering of the space-time continuum and the resurgence of magic. Now huge tears in reality allow hordes of demons and alien creatures into our world, it's a good thing we invented laser and giant robots before we blew everything up. This game uses the Savage Worlds game system, a popular generic rpg engine that emphasizes speed of play and fun. It is made for engaging tabletop tactical combat while still allowing the great opportunities for roleplaying. This game does deal with some mature subject matter so adults only please.

7:00PM Munchkin Munchkinomicon (Chuck W.)

7:00PM: Seven Wonders (Eric)

9:00PM: Munchkin Fairy Dust (Chuck W.)

9:00PM: Texas Hold'em (Robert R. - your professional dealer)


Open gaming all the time!

10:30AM: Viticulture (Robert R.)

11:00AM: Musketeers!--Cypher System, Presented by the Island City Role-players Guild (Curtis) (Role-playing Game) (5 players max, age 13+ only)

"There is a matter that must be dealt with 'discretely', leaving no connection to his majesty, or anyone within the royal court. If you're successful, the king will be most grateful..." Musketeers is a GM authored, fast-paced combination of wit, and grit using the Cypher System, an easy to use game with lots of flexibility, and surprise boons built into the mechanics. Five people maximum; pre-generated characters; experience with the Cypher System not necessary; new, and experienced role-players age 13 + are welcome.

11:00AM: Arkham Horror (Darkness: Aaron / Melissa)

11:00AM: Loopin' Chewie, Age 12 and under (Adults can play Saturday) (Rob Mc.)

Event runner supplying a special prize.

11:00AM: Concordia (Eric)

11:00AM: Pathfinder RPG - Intro Game (Ed Kabara - Role Playing Game)

12:00PM: Battlestar Galactica (*)

1:00PM: Between Two Cities (Ali)

2:00PM: Carcassonne With EVERY EXPANSION anyone brings - except Catapult - TIME LIMITED (Sebastian)

Ever wanted to play with ALL of the Carcassonne expansions but don't have the time? In this special event, we'll be using almost every expansion tile available and playing with all the expansion rules (catapault is optional, based on player vote at the table), but in a way that won't take ages. Instead of playing until the tiles run out, we will set a 75-minute timer for the end of the game. So, get ready for the wildest, zaniest version of Carcassonne ever. Rules for all the special tiles will be taught as needed.

2:00PM: Age of Empires III (Robert R.)

3:00PM: Sticheln (Jason)

Event runner supplied special prize - a copy of the game

3:30PM: Mysic Value (Ed Kabara)

Protospiel Corner Games (Saturday 1:30-6PM):

Game #1

  • Title: Engine Room
  • Stage: Near Completion
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Players: 1-4
  • Ages: 12+
  • Designer: Matt Arnold
  • Description: This co-operative deck-building game lets players design their own cards by sleeving transparencies. Players are engineers on a Steampunk vehicle, flying, digging, swimming, and rolling across Junkyard World. The journey is represented by drawing slide transparencies ("slides") off a deck, onto a track, and discarding them onto another deck. Slides can be a beneficial machine part the crew could weld onto their vessel by sleeving it into a card in their hand, or bandits and dumpster fires. Players cannot win or lose, but attempt to attain the most impressive score that they can.

Game #2

  • Title: Allosaurus : The Board Game
  • Stage: Beta
  • Duration: 30 minutes per player
  • Players: 2-4
  • Ages: 12+
  • Designer: Seth Allison Graphic: Rachel Krohn
  • Description: Resource management game where you use your energy and food to grow, adapt, and hunt to survive the harsh Jurassic Period.

Game #3

  • Title: Hypercrisis: Gravity Girl vs. Robonobo
  • Stage: Beta
  • Duration: 10-15 minutes
  • Players: 2
  • Designers: J. Munford, Sofie Grant & Alex Cater
  • Description: Hypercrisis is a fast-moving versus card game where players choose their playable character from a roster of superheroes/supervillains. Taking inspiration from LCGs and fighting games such as Street Fighter, each character in this game features unique decks, mechanics, illustrations, deckbuilding options, and graphic design. For this demo, we are limiting players to two possible characters - scientific superhero Gravity Girl and android ape Robonobo. Quick, simple, and strategic, Hypercrisis offers a simple rules system for players new to card games and a wide variety of strategies for seasoned gamers.

Game #4

  • Title: Winds of Fury
  • Stage: Alpha
  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Players: 2
  • Ages: 12+
  • Designer: Brian Knewtson
  • Description: A historical naval combat game occurring in the times between the American Revolutionary War and the Napoleonic Wars. Featuring the navies of Britain, France, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, America and the Barbary States. The game is played on a hex map with two admirals in opposing navies battling for victory on the high seas.

Game #5

  • Title: Battle Race game (unnamed)
  • Stage: Alpha
  • Duration: 1-2 hours
  • Players: 2-4
  • Ages: 12+
  • Designer: Brian Storace
  • Description: The players will race over 3 tracks. Players can use power ups to add to their racers. You can choose to boost your speed, weapons, or traction...wait weapons? Yep it's not your normal race game, the racers are armed with lasers. You can use your power for speed or to shoot and cripple your opponent. Winners of each race get a power up advantage for the next race. Are you up for no holds barred racing where the track can be as dangerous as your opponents? Then join me in testing this new game.

Game #6

  • Title: Scream or Die!
  • Stage: Beta
  • Duration: 15-20 minutes
  • Players: 2-4
  • Ages: 6+
  • Designer: Amber Palace Games
  • Description: Scream or Die! is a push your luck dice game where players take on the role of Monsters transformed into children on Halloween Night! The first player to get 13 pieces of Candy wins, but watch out: Other players will use Screams to make sure they stay ahead in the race. Take on the roles of Vlad the Vampire, Harry the Werewolf, Griff the Invisible Man and Seth the Mummy in Scream or Die!

Protospiel Corner (Saturday: 1:30PM-6PM)

This is a great opportunity for game designers to get their new designs play tested and a wonderful chance for play testers to provide feedback in the clever art of game design.

For the third year in a row, we are hosting a special opportunity for game designers to have their games playtested in a semi-formal fashion and meet people for open playtesting. On Saturday (9/10), Todd Robinson, a Protospiel veteran will be hosting game designers to demo their games at DaveCon. Last year we had quite a few designers bring games but we'd love to have even more this year!

Please e-mail Todd, with details about your game:

  • Title
  • Stage: alpha, beta, near completion, etc.
  • Ages
  • # Players
  • Duration
  • Description
  • Desginer
  • Picture (Optional)

I will post it here and put it on the schedule. This is on a first come first serve basis as games will be capped at 6-8 depending on the length and number of players. Please submit your game info now - there are only a couple spots left. Games posted are also ultimately at the discretion of me. Please keep things family friendly.

If you don't make the schedule or you have many games to play test, that's okay! DaveCon has a very active open gaming contingent. The people you meet in Protospiel Corner should facilitate open play testing. I just ask that you be frank with people about the duration and stage of your game.