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Game Logs: September 20th, 2003

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Seven board gamers ventured out into the fine late summer Michigan weather to attend the inaugural meeting of the Lansing Boardgamers. The seven gamers were Dave, Rob, James, Keegan, Daniel, JD and Mo.

The kind folks at 21st Century games provided the gaming space. Despite a hoard of “Gus Macker” basketball players, everyone was able to find nearby parking. While waiting for the others to show up, James, Dave and I (Rob) played a game of Union Pacific. Jump To: [ Union Pacific  Condotierre  Settlers  Titan the Arena  Puerto Rico ]

Union Pacific

This has quickly become one of my (Rob) favorite games (despite my poor showing this game). This was James first time at UP and despite having the rules taught by Dave and Rob, James managed to win the game. A monopoly position in the Marquette (lt. blue) railroad throughout the whole game pushed James to victory. Dave took second riding on a strong Billings & Northern Light (red) railroad. I placed a distant third -- always managing to have the dividend/scoring card come up one turn too soon. Everyone seemed to like the game giving favorable ratings.

Winner: James

Scores: James: 162, Dave: 152, Rob: 134
Ratings: James: 7.5, Dave: 8, Rob: 9.5
Average Rating: 8.33


Dave was eager to give this one a try so Dave taught James and I (Rob) how to play this one. To win in the three-player version of Condotiere you need to control four adjacent areas/provinces of Italy. Provinces are won by playing a number of cards with the high total winning. There are a number of special cards (Heroine, Bishop, Scarecrow, Drummer, and Guardian) that add a nice bit of strategy to the game. This game didn’t last all that long as Dave waxed both James and me. At the end of the game, Dave had six provinces (four adjacent), I had two and James had one.

Winner: Dave

Scores: Dave: 4 (6), Rob: 2, James: 1
Ratings: Dave: 9, Rob: 7, James: 5
Average Rating: 7.00


Mo, Josh, Keegan, and I (Dave) all played Settlers while the others were busy with Titan the Arena. It was the first time for everyone except me so I taught the rules and away we were. Settlers is the very popular German game which involves trading resources to expand your settlements and cities on the island of Catan. Even though Mo had a preference for trading with only certain people which did not include me, I managed to pull away with an Ore hex that would not stop getting rolled (8). Even after getting nailed by the robber a few times, I had 4 cities and then the largest army finished the game off.

Winner: Dave

Scores: Dave: 10, Mo: 6, Keegan: 5, Josh: 5
Ratings: Dave: 7, Keegan: 8, Mo: 8, Josh: 6
Average Rating: 7.25

Titan the Arena

Winner: Dan

Scores: Dan: 14, Rob: 13, James: 0
Ratings: Dan: 8, James: 5.5, Rob: 8
Average Rating: 7.17

Puerto Rico

This has quickly become one of my favorite games! I (Dave) first played this at the MDG Convention in Warren this past July (2003). I got whipped but I appreciated that a novice couldn't step in and clean house. This game involves many interconnected systems that relate together beautifully. Each round you choose a role (Builder, Mayor, Trader, Craftsman, Settler, Captain, or Prospector) and although each player gets to peform an action with that role, you get a special benefit. This game was maxed out at 5 players which makes for some interesting strategy as things are a bit tighter. Dan and Keegan were new to this game but came in with some respectable scores. Josh went first and in an aggressive move bought the Hospice immediately. It almost paid off, but in the end, the second 10 doubloon building I bought as the last person to take their turn in the round gave me the victory. This game was a bit unusual as nobody seemed interested in shipping goods back to Spain. Only 75 of the 122 victory point chips were doled out. This was a close and very fun game!

Winner: Dave

Scores: Dave: 40, Rob: 38, Josh: 36, Dan: 35, Keegan: 28
Ratings: Dave: 9.5, Rob: 9.5, Dan: 8, Keegan: 9, Josh: 8
Average Rating: 8.80