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Game Logs: August 21st, 2004

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Our turnout was pretty good as we had 11 people show up today. Five of them were newcomers. Welcome to John, John, Sang, Nathan, and Steven!

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Dave, Rob, Gail, John and John decided to start the day with Alhambra while the others played Starfarers of Catan. Alhambra is the 2003 Spiel Des Jahres (Game of the Year) award winner in Germany. While the German rules seem to indicate scoring your longest walls during each scoring, the English rules are less clear seeming to indicate you only score your walls during the final scoring. Its always good to clear these issues up before you start play so we decided to play with the final round only scoring. Rob was big into Towers; both John and John fought over control of the gardens. Dave seemed to have himself boxed in by a lot of walls. The game was a lot of fun, even though the game may play better with four.

Winner: Dave

Scores: Dave: 87, JohnS: 59, JohnD: 56, Rob: 83, Gail: 52
Ratings: Dave: 8, JohnS: 7, JohnD: 7, Rob: 8, Gail: 6
Average Rating: 7.20

Starfarers of Catan

Winner: Bob

Scores: Bob: 15, Nathan: 5, Hugh: 11, Sang: 12, Steven: 9, Greg: 11
Ratings: Bob: 8, Nathan: 6, Hugh: 9, Sang: 8, Steven: 9, Greg: 8
Average Rating: 8.00


John brought this game, touted its awards, and everyone agreed to give it a try. I was a little skeptical at first but this turned out to be a really interesting game. Bidding is involved twice each turn. Once to determine what field you own, and again to determine where the next new water canal will go. If your fields don't get water, they start to "rot". Money is balanced as socialist Chile gives everyone an equal amount regardless of their farms. Scoring is done at the end of the game based on the size of your farms. -- Dave

Winner: Dave

Scores: Dave: 72, JohnS: 58, JohnD: 51, Rob: 53
Ratings: Dave: 8, JohnS: 7, JohnD: 8, Rob: 8
Average Rating: 7.75

Princes of Florence

This game is Puerto Rico's bizarre cousin. You get a mat the same size as a Puerto Rico mat, you have "builders" and money is simply a tiebreaker. I think this game requires 2-3 playing sessions to really get a handle on what to do, but the strategy is neat and the gameplay is fairly simple. There are seven turns thereby assuring that the game doesn't drag on. This was Rob and Gail's first time and both performed well, but John, who has played before, managed to secure the win. -- Dave

Winner: John

Scores: JohnS: 57, Dave: 53, Rob: 40, Gail: 50
Ratings: JohnD: 8, Dave: 8.5, Rob: 9, Gail: 9
Average Rating: 8.62

TransAmerica 1

Winner: Sang

Scores: Sang: 7, Steven: 5, Greg: 0, Bob: 0, John: 6, Hugh: 5
Ratings: Steven: 7, Sang: 8, Greg: 6, Bob: 8, John: 8, Hugh: 8
Average Rating: 7.50

TransAmerica 2

Winner: Sang

Scores: Sang: 12, Steven: 8, Greg: 0, Bob: 6, John: 4, Hugh: 5
Ratings: Steven: 5, Sang: 10, Greg: 6, Bob: 7, JohnS: 8, Hugh: 8
Average Rating: 7.33

Modern Art

This Reiner Kinizia game is strictly about bidding. It's a very neat game and every game is bound to have different swings. Everyone bids different and everyone chooses different kinds of auctions. If you bid too conservately you'll never own any paintings. If you are too aggressive, the auctioneer will rake in too much money and you may buy some worthless paintings. Rob, through some great auctions, ran away with the lead. -- Dave

Winner: Rob

Scores: Rob: 554, Gail: 423, Dave: 472, John: 432
Ratings: Rob: 8, Dave: 8, Gail: 9, John: 7
Average Rating: 8.00