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Game Logs: October 23rd, 2004

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Fifteen people came to our October game day. What a great turnout! Space was a little tight but we managed to find playing room for everyone. We had five newcomers including Aaron, Lance, Bill, Dick (all Foundation Con participants), and Al. Welcome newcomers -- we hope to see you again soon. We also played many different games, ten, to be exact. That might be the most different games we've ever played. Thanks to everyone for coming.

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Carolus Magnus

Winner: Bill

Scores: Dean: 2, Dick: 7, Bill: 8
Ratings: Dean: 9, Dick: 9, Bill: 8
Average Rating: 8.67

Strange Synergy

Strange Synergy is a game of crazy gladiatorial battles. Each player controls a team, which is composed of 3 heroes, which have 3 powers each. The goal of our game was to obtain a specific opponents flag, and bring it back to our base. The Superheroes were the first to loose a character to the Mad Scientists. One of the Scientists had the ability to take control of other warrior's weapons, and used this to cause much havoc to both teams. Meanwhile, the Goths had a warrior who could sit on his home base and gain hit points, so he parked her there for most of the game. Despite the Superhero who repeatedly shot at her with a pistol, she couldn't be taken down. Throughout more brutal fighting, one warrior from each team remained. Even though the last Goth was coaxed from her energy source, she outlasted the other two, and the Goths won as a result of being the only warrior to survive. -- Dean

Winner: Dick

Scores: Dean: 0, Dick: 1, Bill: 0
Ratings: Dean: 10, Dick: 7, Bill: 6
Average Rating: 7.67

Ticket To Ride

Bob, John D., Ruth and Rob decided to start their afternoon with Ticket to Ride. Ticket to Ride is the award winning Alan Moon game of connecting train routes across North America. This was Bob and Ruth's first game, so John gave an overview of the rules. The rules are straight-forward and this game can be picked up quite quickly. The two newcomers ended up placing 1st (Bob) and 2nd (Ruth). The longest train gave Ruth enough points to pass Rob into 2nd place. John D. was shutout on an important 20 pt. route which pushed him to 4th place. Despite Bob's best efforts to monopolize Toronto, Rob was still able to complete his Toronto to Miami route.

Winner: Bob

Scores: Rob: 129, Bob: 145, Ruth: 135, JohnD: 81
Ratings: Rob: 9, Bob: 8, Ruth: 7, JohnD: 9
Average Rating: 8.25


Winner: Dave

Scores: Aaron: 1, Lance: 3, Dave: 6, Bill: 2
Ratings: Aaron: 5, Lance: 8, Dave: 9, Bill: 6
Average Rating: 7.00

Age Of Renassiance

Age of Renassiance is a game that I consider to be a hybrid of History of the World and Advanced Civilization (not to be confused with Sid Meier's version). Its a great game of building your empire by expanding into lands. Each land produces certain goods. You must acquire more cities to increase your cash flow and purchase more technological advancements to get ahead of your competitors. This game is long but its worth it. In our game, Marvin got the coveted city in the Middle East that led to an expansion that our combined forced were unable to stop. This is an Avalon Hill game and it has a unique game system that's guided by a geographical map which may lead to a game that feels less balanced, but here you can say "Angora will fall to the Venitians" and it means something. :-) -- Dave P.S. Angora was successfully defended by Barcelona the entire game.

Winner: Marvin

Scores: Aaron: 557, Lance: 940, Marvin: 3352, Dave: 2317
Ratings: Aaron: 7, Lance: 8, Marivn: 7, Dave: 9
Average Rating: 7.75

Settlers Of Cataan

Winner: Ruth

Scores: Ruth: 10, JohnD: 9, Bob: 8, JohnS: 7
Ratings: Ruth: 9, JohnD: 8, Bob: 9, JohnS: 8
Average Rating: 8.50


Hive seems very simple at first. How complicated can a game that only has 5 types of pieces and no board really be? The answer is a lot more than you'd first think. The object of the game is to trap the other players Queen Bee by surrounding her 6 sides completely. Each piece is a hexagon and has different moves around the hive (pieces played on the table). The beetles can climb on top of other pieces, the ant can move anywhere around the outside of the hive, the spiders move just three spots, and the grass hoppers jump over any amount of pieces in a straight line. Add all of these elements together, and you get a game that has a similar feel to chess, only more fun! Dan and Josh played one game to get warmed up and familiar with the rules. Then two more games brought a victory for each Josh and Dan. We were both getting used to the gameplay and strategy by the end of the third game, and look forward to playing again. -- Josh "I think it's a really cool game" - Dan

Winner: Dan

Scores: Dan: W
Ratings: Dan: 9, Josh: 7
Average Rating: 8.00

Hive 2

Winner: Josh

Scores: Dan: L
Ratings: Dan: 9, Josh: 7
Average Rating: 8.00

Gimme the Brain

Winner: Josh

Scores: Josh: 1st, Dan: L, Aaron: L
Ratings: Dan: 7, Josh: 8, Aaron: 8
Average Rating: 7.67


Winner: JohnD

Scores: JohnD: 5, Ruth: 4, Rob: 4, JohnS: 4
Ratings: Ruth: 7, JohnD: 8, Bob: 9, JohnS: 7
Average Rating: 7.75


Winner: JohnS

Scores: JohnS: 54, JohnD: 43, Ruth: 43, Al: 42
Ratings: Al: 7, JohnD: 7, Ruth: 6, JohnS: 8
Average Rating: 7.00