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Game Logs: December 4th, 2004

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Ten people came to our December game date. Thanks for coming! I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. -- Dave & Rob

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Winner: Dean

Scores: Dean: 42, AaronM: 39, Dave: 40, Marvin: 29, John: 39
Ratings: Dean: 10, AaronM: 8, Dave: 8.5, Marvin: 7, John: 7
Average Rating: 8.10


Next up for Aaron L, Aaron M. and Rob was Alhambra. Alhambra is the tile-laying/city building game from Queen Games. Alhambra plays best with three or four players. Early on all we saw was "yellow" money -- while the yellow buildings weren't all that appealing. Aaron L. built his Alhambra with very few walls. Rob and Aaron M. each had 10+ long walls in the final scoring round. Rob ended up winning.

Winner: Rob

Scores: Rob: 143, AaronM: 125, AaronL: 108
Ratings: Rob: 7, AaronM: 7, AaronL: 7
Average Rating: 7.00

Starfarers of Catan

Winner: AaronL

Scores: Dean: 13, Rob: 11, AaronM: 10, AaronL: 15
Ratings: Dean: 7, Rob: 6, AaronM: 6, AaronL: 7
Average Rating: 6.50

Einfach Genial

Einfach Genial is a purely abstract game from master game designer Reiner Knizia. Aaron L., Aaron M. and I (Rob) decided to give this a go as the others started a five-player game of Puerto Rico. In Genial, the object is gain points in six different colors by playing plastic tiles on the board. Each tile is made up of two hexagons put together with one of the six colors on it. Points are gained by playing your tile next to tiles of the same color already on the board. The game is quite straight-forward and easy to pick up. The winner is the player who has the highest low score in one color (similar to Euphrat & Tigris). So it doesn't pay to ignore any color. Taking the balanced approach, Rob did not reach the "genius" level in any color. Rob won in a close contest of Aaron and Aaron.

Winner: Rob

Scores: Rob: 13, AaronL: 11, AaronM: 10
Ratings: Rob: 8, AaronL: 8, AaronM: 8
Average Rating: 8.00


Winner: Hugh

Scores: Hugh: 106, Marvin: 95, Bob: 87, Dave: 84, AaronC: 66, John: 61
Ratings: Bob: 6, Marvin: 6, John: 5, Dave: 6, AaronC: 7, Hugh: 9
Average Rating: 6.50

Puerto Rico

Winner: Marvin

Scores: Hugh: 36, Bob: 28, Marvin: 60, John: 44, Dave: 47
Ratings: Hugh: 6, Bob: 7, Marvin: 8.5, John: 9, Dave: 9.5
Average Rating: 8.00