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Game Logs: November 15th, 2003

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A fine November day commenced with seven board gamers showing up from 1PM to 1:30 and saw three of us staying until 9PM... Just long enough for Marvin to show us his mastery of an old classic, Rail Baron.

The kind folks at 21st Century games provided the gaming space. Jump To: [ Torres  Formula De  Puerto Rico  Rail Baron  Give me the Brain 1  Give me the Brain 2  Give me the Brain 3  Give me the Brain 4 ]


I've been sitting on a new copy of Torres for a long time but I had never played it. Finally the day had come. I read the rules the night before and they looked fairly straightforward. Rob had never played and he was interested too. Turns out that Ruth and Marvin had played the game but not too recently. This is a clever game where you place tower blocks on a small board trying to build the biggest and tallest castles. More importantly, you must have your knights in these castles in order to score for them. Limited action points make decisions tough but not painfully so and action cards provide a wildcard to let you "cheat" the rules. I played the game again with my wife the Monday after and I think even more of the game now than before. Maybe its because I won the 2nd time. :-)

Winner: Marvin

Scores: Marvin: 193, Dave: 174, Ruth: 163, Rob: 154
Ratings: Marvin: 8, Dave: 8.5, Ruth: 8, Rob: 7.5
Average Rating: 8.00

Formula De

I never realized you could simulate racing cars in a board game. Formula De does a great job of simulating a real race track. You have to switch your gears carefully and not cut corners too fast or you'll spin out. You have some fat tires and new brakes to alter your movement through the track. A very clever game, but for me, the luck factor was maybe a little too strong. However, I'd be happy to play this game again, and I will note that Keegan gave this game a coveted TEN.

Winner: Dan

Scores: Dan: 1st, Marvin: 2nd, Keegan: 3rd, Dave: 4th, Josh: 5th, Ruth: 6th
Ratings: Dan: 8, Marvin: 7, Keegan: 10, Dave: 7, Ruth: 7, Josh: 6
Average Rating: 7.50

Puerto Rico

We played a five player game of Puerto Rico and I saw something I'd never seen before. All of the "10" doubloon buildings were sold. Well, I did buy two of them... This is one of my favorite games and this one had some interesting strategy. Keegan and Dan bought the Hospice's and that left the rest of us to deal with the people problem. I mitigated that by buying a University as I sold many barrels of coffee to the trader. Ruth was cranking out the Tobacco to counter her lack of quarries. Marvin tried to end the game a little early but we allocated our colonists in such a way to eek out one more turn. In the end, it was fairly close.

Winner: Dave

Scores: Dave: 54, Keegan: 50, Ruth: 46, Dan: 45, Marvin: 34
Ratings: Dave: 9.5, Keegan: 9, Ruth: 8, Dan: 9, Marvin: 9
Average Rating: 8.90

Rail Baron

Copyright 1977, Rail Baron. I last played this game in roughly 1988, about 15 years ago, but I have some fond memories. I remembered two things: 1) Buy the big blue checkered railroad, 2) Unlike Empire builder someone already built the stinking rail roads! Marvin brought the game and although his copy was missing some money, he introduced a few house rules that I gladly accepted. This mitigated the missing money and we kept score on paper. This is a game where you buy historic railroads and you must pay money to ride other people's rails. You try and buy the "best" railroads to cover as much territory as possible without boxing yourself out of many cities. Well, I must have done something wrong. Late in the game, I got burned on multiple runs... In the end, Marvin won just before the shop closed!

Winner: Marvin

Scores: Marvin: 214, Dave: 147.5, Ruth: 128
Ratings: Marvin: 7, Dave: 7, Ruth: 8
Average Rating: 7.33

Give me the Brain 1

Wow, Dan, Keegan, and Josh played Give me the Brain 4 times. Looks like Dan emerged as the one with the brain the most.

Winner: Dan

Ratings: Dan: 9, Keegan: 6, Josh: 7
Average Rating: 7.33

Give me the Brain 2

Winner: Josh

Ratings: Dan: 8, Keegan: 7, Josh: 7
Average Rating: 7.33

Give me the Brain 3

Winner: Keegan

Ratings: Dan: 8, Keegan: 7, Josh: 7
Average Rating: 7.33

Give me the Brain 4

Winner: Dan

Ratings: Dan: 8, Keegan: 8, Josh: 4
Average Rating: 6.67