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Game Logs: May 21st, 2005

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At least eighteen people came to our May game date. Thanks for coming!

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Medici 1

In Medici, Lance made one lucky card draw that handed him the game. On the second of three days, Lance was the last one to fill his ship with goods, buying his last three cards for a single florin. One of those cards turned out to be the Gold card, which vaulted Lance from nowhere into first place with the best-filled ship of the day. So for the whole third day, he got to sit back and bid very conservatively while the rest of us desperately tried to catch him. We made a game of it, but his lucky draw on the auction where he was the only buyer proved to be the difference in the game. -- Dick

Winner: Lance

Scores: Lance: 94, Carl: 75, Allan: 75, Dick: 72, Julie: 64
Ratings: Lance: 8, Carl: 8, Allan: 8.5, Dick: 10, Julie: 9
Average Rating: 8.70

Ticket to Ride Europe 1

Winner: Rob

Scores: Rob: 124, John Summers: 119, Bob: 114, Allan: 107
Ratings: Rob: 8.5, John Summers: 9, Bob: 8, Allan: 9
Average Rating: 8.62

Ticket to Ride Europe 2

Winner: Steven

Scores: Steven: 110, Hugh: 103, Sang: 96, Greg: 86, Nathan: 73
Ratings: Steven: 9, Hugh: 9, Sang: 8, Greg: 8, Nathan: 8
Average Rating: 8.40

Ticket to Ride Europe 3

Winner: Marvin

Scores: Marvin: 142, John Summers: 131, John Sim: 105, Rob: 97, Aaron: 89
Ratings: Marvin: 7, John Summers: 10, John Sim: 8, Rob: 8, Aaron: 8
Average Rating: 8.20


Winner: Keith won most

Ratings: John Summers: 8, John Sim: 7, Bob: 9, Rob: 7, Pam: 8, Aaron: 8, Hugh: 8, Keith: 8
Average Rating: 7.88


Winner: Aaron

Scores: Aaron: 52, Rob: 51, Bob: 43, Keith: 26, Pam: 25
Ratings: Aaron: 8, Rob: 7.5, Bob: 9, Keith: 8, Pam: 9
Average Rating: 8.30

Citadels 1

Our game of Citadels had a rather bizarre ending. Never happy with the Warlord role (he has to pay gold to use his power), we replaced him with the Diplomat, who can swap buildings between his city and an opponent's by paying the difference in cost between them. Towards the end of the game, it was pretty obvious that either Marvin or Carl was going to win the game. But in the last round, Julie happened to get the Diplomat. Well, the Diplomat goes last in every round, so Julie's turn came up and she wasn't sure what to do. She knew she couldn't win the game, so she was looking for ways to get her best possible score. Then I suggested counting up the points we had so far. It turned out that Julie had to play Kingmaker--she could hand the game to either Marvin or Carl with a Diplomatic swap of two districts, or she could force them into a tied score. Being the true Diplomat all the way, Julie played a swap that forced a tie, giving us all a good laugh as Marvin and Carl each made their cases, sucking up to Julie in an attempt to get her to see the obvious value of giving each of them the game. --Dick

Winner: Carl & Marvin

Scores: Carl: 32, Marvin: 32, Dick: ?, Julie: ?, Aaron: ?, Lance: ?
Ratings: Carl: 9, Marvin: 9, Dick: 7, Julie: 9, Aaron: 9, Lance: 9
Average Rating: 8.67

Citadels 2

Winner: Hugh

Scores: Hugh: 31, Greg: 25, Sang: 19, Steven: 17, Nathan: 12
Ratings: Hugh: 7.5, Greg: 7, Sang: 8, Steven: 8.5, Nathan: 7
Average Rating: 7.60

Quo Vadis

Winner: Bob

Scores: Bob: 20, Rob: 19, Keith: 6, Pam: 12, Aaron: 0
Ratings: Bob: 4, Rob: 8, Keith: 7, Pam: 7, Aaron: 7
Average Rating: 6.60

San Juan

Winner: John Sim

Scores: Marvin: 37, John Summers: 33, John Sim: 40
Ratings: Marvin: 8, John Summers: 9, John Sim: 8
Average Rating: 8.33


Finally came Wallenstein, which turned out to be a great game. After the first of two years through which you play, all five players (Dick, Julie, Alan, Lance, and Carl) were within three points of each other, easily the closest game of Wallenstein I've ever seen in my ten or twelve plays of the game. In the second half, I couldn't win a battle to save my wretched life. Attacker, defender, didn't matter--I just kept losing. The other players duked it out pretty admirably, and we decided to let Alan about ten points, a pretty good spread in that game. Turtling seems to be a problem in Wallenstein, and that's what Alan ended up doing--building a tough defensive wall of lands behind which he could easily build all sorts of point-scoring buildings. Wallenstein has lots of interesting mechanics in it you'll love, but the single biggest strategy is to keep the other players from turtling while trying to turtle yourself, which is not an easy strategy to employ in any game! -- Dick

Winner: Alan

Scores: Dick: ?, Julie: ?, Alan: ?, Lance: ?, Carl: ?
Ratings: PlaceHolder: 8.5
Average Rating: 8.50

Settlers of the Stone Age

Winner: ?

Ratings: PlaceHolder: 8.5
Average Rating: 8.50

Medici 2

Winner: ?

Ratings: PlaceHolder: 8.5
Average Rating: 8.50