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Game Logs: June 18th, 2005

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Another successful game day as 17 people came to play games!

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Settlers of Catan

Winner: Josh

Scores: Keith: 4, Josh: 10, Julie: 5, Pam: 5
Ratings: Keith: 8, Josh: 9, Julie: 7, Pam: 7
Average Rating: 7.75

Modern Art

Winner: Dick

Scores: Lance: 343, Carl: 195, Dick: 401, Alan: 287, Dave: 240
Ratings: Lance: 8, Carl: 7, Dick: 8, Alan: 7.5, Dave: 9
Average Rating: 7.90

El Grande

Winner: Lance

Scores: Carl: 101, Lance: 118, Dick: 115, Julie: 110
Ratings: Carl: 8, Lance: 9, Dick: 10, Julie: 9
Average Rating: 9.00


Winner: Dave and Pam

Scores: Dave: 3, Pam: 3, Keith: 0, Rob: 0, Julie: 1
Ratings: Dave: 10, Pam: 8, Keith: 9, Rob: 8, Julie: 9
Average Rating: 8.80

Hammer of the Scots

Hammer of the Scots is the Columbia block game on the Scotish war of independence (think Braveheart). Rob played the Scots and Dave took the English in the Braveheart scenario that runs from 1297 to 1305. The game is won by controlling the allegiance of fourteen nobles who sway back and forth (except for Moray who'd rather die than be for the English) between supporting the English or the Scotish. The Scots start the game with only three nobles (Moray, Galloway and Bruce) for their cause. William Wallace has to "convince" the other nobles to join the Scots cause. Wallace is a four step A3 making him one of the best combat units on the board. The English have King Edward I who is their best piece. King Edward is a four step B4 and can winter in Scotland with his knights, archers and infantry ignoring the normal winter supply rules. With the King wintering in Scotland, the English can make a campaign up to northern Scotland to go after the rebels. The only problem with the King is he is a busy man; some years he has to take care of affairs in Europe and doesn't come to Scotland. After explaining the majority of the rules to Dave, we set off to play; this was Dave's first game. The Scots made good inroads in the north converting the Angus, Buchan, Argyll, Mar and Comyn nobles fairly early. As often happens, a lot of combat occurred in Central Scotland around Fife and Mentieth. By 1300 the Scots had done well enough to have control of eight nobles -- this allows the French knights to enter the Scotish levy. In 1302, Rob was planning on crowning King Balliol -- the Scots had the French knights on the board and an event card ready to burn to crown the king when the Dunbar noble wiped the knights off the board in a battle in Lothian. With no French knights, I couldn't crown King Balliol. In 1304, with the Scots having a 10-4 lead in nobles, we decided that the English couldn't overcome the Scots lead and called it a game.

Winner: Rob

Scores: Dave: 4, Rob: 10
Ratings: Dave: 6
Average Rating: 6.00

La Cinta

Winner: Alan

Scores: Lance: 31, Carl: 26, Dick: 27, Alan: 39
Ratings: Lance: 9, Carl: 8, Dick: 8, Alan: 8.5
Average Rating: 8.38


Winner: Marvin

Scores: Aaron: 75, Marvin: 103, Rachel: 90, John: 87, Ruth: 91, John: 94
Ratings: Aaron: 7, Marvin: 8, Rachel: 7, John: 6, Ruth: 5, John: 9
Average Rating: 7.00

Space Beans

Winner: John and John

Scores: John Sim: 35, John Summer: 35, Aaron: 22
Ratings: John Sim: 7, John Summer: 7, Aaron: 6
Average Rating: 6.67

Ticket to Ride Europe

Winner: Alan

Scores: Alan: 135, Ruth: 118, John: 89, Aaron: 98, Bob: 53
Ratings: Alan: 8.5, Ruth: 7, John: 8, Aaron: 8, Bob: 6
Average Rating: 7.50


Winner: Ruth

Scores: John: 37, Bob: 28, Aaron: 40, Ruth: 41
Ratings: John: 8, Bob: 7, Aaron: 9, Ruth: 8
Average Rating: 8.00


Winner: ?

Ratings: ?: 8
Average Rating: 8.00