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Game Logs: August 19th, 2006

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We had a good turnout with 14 gamers for our August 19th Lansing Boardgamer meeting. We had one person (Welcome Aby) attend for their first time. Ten different games were played from 1pm to closing time at 9pm. The games played were: Jump To: [ Thurn and Taxis  Settlers of Catan  Kingdoms:  Winners Circle  Coloretto X 1  Coloretto X 2 (four hands)  San Juan  Java  Hacienda  Tempus  Cleopatra and the Society of Architects ]

Thurn and Taxis

Winner: Alan

Scores: Alan: 23, Carl: 18, Rob: 13, Gail: 8
Ratings: Alan: 7, Carl: 8, Rob: 7, Gail: 6
Average Rating: 7.00

Settlers of Catan

Bob pulled out a long-time favorite, Settlers of Catan, for a four player game with Adrien, Aby and John S. I tried to warn the group to watch out for Bob, but to no avail. Bob won.

Winner: Bob

Scores: Bob: 10, Adrien: 7, Aby: 7, John Simm: 4
Ratings: Bob: 9, Adrien: 8, John Simm: 7
Average Rating: 8.00


Winner: Julie

Scores: Julie: 262, Paul: 252, John D.: 215, Dick: 201
Ratings: Julie: 7, Paul: 8, John D.: 8, Dick: 7
Average Rating: 7.50

Winners Circle

While Tempus was going on, a five-player game of Winner's Circle was played. Winner's Circle is the Royal Turf reprint from Face-To-Face Games. The object of the game is to get the most money by betting on race horses over the course of three races.

Winner: Carl

Scores: Carl: $2,300, Gail: $1,950, Jule: $1,500, Barry: $1,100, Steph: $1,000
Ratings: Carl: 6.5, Gail: 7, Julie: 5, Barry: 3, Steph: 2
Average Rating: 4.70

Coloretto X 1

Winner: Steph

Scores: Steph: 30, Gail: 28, Carl: 27, Julie: 21
Ratings: Steph: 7, Gail: 7, Carl: 7, Julie: 6
Average Rating: 6.75

Coloretto X 2 (four hands)

Winner: Barry

Scores: Barry: 129, Alan: 115, Bob: 101
Ratings: Barry: 6, Alan: 7, Bob: 7
Average Rating: 6.67

San Juan

Winner: Carl

Scores: Carl: 40+, Adrien: 40-, Paul: 34, Steph: 27
Ratings: Carl: 8, Adrien: 8, Paul: 7, Steph: 8
Average Rating: 7.75


Java is the second game in the Kramer/Kiesling game series that also includes Tikal and Mexica. The game was brand new to John D. and Rob; Dick and Julie had played a few times. The special "temple of Loki" tile is the last piece played in the game. This tile was dog chewed to earn the special moniker. Dick's big last turn scoring propelled him to victory.

Winner: Dick

Scores: Dick: 82, Rob: 78, John D.: 70, Julie: 58
Ratings: Dick: 8, Rob: 7.5, John D.: 8, Julie: 8
Average Rating: 7.88


Winner: John Simm

Scores: John Simm: 149, Dick: 130, Bob: 120, Alan: 110
Ratings: John Simm: 8, Bob: 7,
Average Rating: 5.00


Tempus is the new Martin Wallace "civ-lite" game. Paul and Rob were new to the game. John D. did a good job of managing his population to win the game.

Winner: John D.

Scores: John D. : 26, Rob: 23, Paul: 20
Ratings: John D.: 8, Rob: 7.5, Paul: 7
Average Rating: 7.50

Cleopatra and the Society of Architects

Cleopatra is the latest over-produced game from Days of Wonder. Wonderful plastic bits hide the fact that this is basically a card game. Cleopatra was a five-player affair for the final game of the day. Rob and Dick were both feed to the crocs because of corruption. Barry went on to a big victory.

Winner: Barry

Scores: Barry: 54, Gail: 31, Julie: 27, Dick: 0, Rob: 0
Ratings: Barry: 7, Julie: 7, Rob: 6.5, Dick: 7
Average Rating: 6.88