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Game Logs: January 10th, 2004

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The winter cold created a fine day to stay indoors and play some old and new games. Six gamers showed up for our January gathering and we stayed until about 7:30PM. Jump To: [ Ark of the Covenant  Condotierre  Naval War  Princes of Florence ]

Ark of the Covenant

We started off the day with the Carcasonne derivative Ark of the Covenant. In this game, if you do not place a piece to claim points, you may move the Ark. However, rather than melt the pieces the Ark moves past, for each piece the Ark moves past or on, that player scores a point. Very similar to the original Carcasonne, which is a fun game. Bonnie managed to score some massive castles and beat us even lapping some other players on the 50pt scoring track!

Winner: Bonnie

Scores: Bonnie: 99, Rob: 71, Bob: 81, Dave: 88
Ratings: Bonnie: 8, Rob: 7, Bob: 7, Dave: 7.5
Average Rating: 7.38


Winner: Bonnie

Scores: Bonnie: 3, Dave: 2, Rob: 0, Ruth: 2, Bob: 1, Marvin: 2
Ratings: Bonnie: 7, Dave: 9, Rob: 6.5, Ruth: 7, Bob: 8, Marvin: 7
Average Rating: 7.42

Naval War

Winner: Ruth

Scores: Ruth: 72, Dave: 67, Rob: 57, Bonnie: 45, Bob: 42, Marvin: 32
Ratings: Ruth: 6, Dave: 7.5, Rob: 6, Marvin: 6
Average Rating: 6.38

Princes of Florence

We played a three player game of Princes of Florence, all for the first time. This is a game where you'll probably need to play it twice before you "know what you are doing". This game is in fact, fairly simple to play. There is an auction round where each player is guaranteed one object out of 7 different types. After that, each player takes two actions. The goal of the game is for your "thinkers" to produce works of great value. These works are then translated into a combination of money and/or prestige. You need money in the auctions but you need prestige to win the game. This was a fairly close game and we all used slightly different strategies. We all gave the game an "8" and I think the potential was there for it to rate even higher once we knew what we were doing from beginning to end.

Winner: Dave

Scores: Dave: 53, Ruth: 51, Marvin: 47
Ratings: Dave: 8, Ruth: 8, Marvin: 8
Average Rating: 8.00