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There are three types of gaming that go on at DaveCon:

  • Open gaming: People who attend DaveCon bring their games to share in our open library. From this library you can borrow games to play. About 1/2 of the games played at DaveCon are open games. Just grab a game, sign it out on a sheet, round up some people and you're good to go.

  • Events: These are organized game events. What this means is that there is a set day and time for the event, there are sign up sheets, and a designated person who organizes the game (that person can still play). By default, assume that all rules are taught. This means that newbies (newcomers) are welcome to play. Occasionally you'll see a game specified as "experienced players only" - these games often have a duplicate event that welcomes players of all levels. For the "experienced players only" games, there may be additional expansions and players are expected to know the rules. In general, for organized events, there will be the opportunity for a prize or additional door prize tickets.

  • Tournaments: We used to call all our events tournaments, but this was kind of a misnomer. So to clarify, there are only a couple bona fide tournaments. We typically host a multi-round Dominion tournament where experienced players are expected. We also host a Texas Hold'em game where experience is expected. Both games have prizes but no gambling is allowed.

If you intend to sign up for an event or tournament PLEASE bring a copy of the game, if you own it. Please feel free to share your games in the open library. Please put an address sticker or write your name and a phone number or e-mail address so that we can track you down if needed.